What’s your plan? They say a sailor’s plans are written in sand at low tide. That being said, our current plans look something like this:

  • Move to Rome, where we’ll spend a month or two getting our footing, touring northern Italy, Germany, France, and England.

Update: due to visa complications, cost, and language barriers, we have decided to more seriously consider sailing the Caribbean instead of the Mediterranean, effectively turning our time in Europe into more of a tour and less of a staging zone for sailing.

  • Head to southern Florida or the Bahamas, where we will buy a small sailboat and get her seaworthy. Hopefully we will find one that won’t require too much in the way of labor hours!
  • Spend the next 11 or so months sailing the Caribbean, stopping wherever we like for as long as we like…or as long as we can afford. Some days will be spent at sea, and many will be spent in port. For some destinations we may rent a slip for the whole month and explore further inland.

We’ll save up as much as possible between now and mid-March, when we’ll depart for the Big Adventure. We’ll stop in Boston for a few days to see Desi and Jake, and then make our way across the pond. Since our flight from Boston is laying over in Ireland anyway, and since it’s going to be March 17th anyway…we’re going to stick around and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin! Sean is beside himself, and I’m pretty thrilled too!

How can you afford to stop working? Refer to my C.R.E.A.M post for the short version, and stay tuned for our upcoming financials page. We don’t plan on not working forever…just a year or so. We’re leaving some investments and savings here to start over with when we get back.

Why a boat? Living on a boat provides so many great advantages to land travel. First of all, since we have the means to make a large initial investment, we can buy the boat flat out, live on it for the year, and then sell it. That beats apartment rental by a mile—even if we don’t get our entire investment back, we’ve avoided wasting cash on rentals and rail passes for that whole time. Plus, we can get up and go in the boat any time we please without too much in the way of logistics, and we already have all our stuff with us so we don’t have to struggle across cities and countries with all our personal effects. Don’t get me wrong—I am fully aware that there will be plenty of decidedly unglamorous aspects to sea life, and boats don’t come without their share of expense. Still, this is the best way for us to pack as much adventure as possible into this time.

What if “the boat thing” doesn’t work out?  This one always makes me laugh…”the boat thing.” Well, fortunately, we are flexible people viewing the world as our oyster! If “the boat thing” doesn’t work out financially, or logistically, or if we just don’t feel it’s our best fit…we’ll do something else. It will probably involve several AirBnB reservations in different countries and a couple of rail passes. This is a year of opportunity for us to explore and discover, and we’ll be learning about the world and ourselves regardless of where we are laying our heads at night.

Are you sure about this?  Yup.

Do you have questions? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or email us!

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  1. I love you both! Have fun sailing away! Take lots of pictures and I’ll keep stalking your website! You’re da best!

    1. Thanks Bekah! We love you too 😉

      I’ll be putting up a gallery page soon which will have a ton of pictures, it should be up in the next day or two.

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