Boston has been an excellent crash course in public transportation, a subject that I have have had literally no prior experience with. Luckily we had two excellent natives to unveil the mysteries surrounding the murky subway corridors.

Such cute, much awesome
Such cute, much awesome

Jake and Desi are two friends of ours whom we’ve known for some time. Emiley has known Desi since their Awkward Years (harken back to the mid 90’s, pigtails, and pogs), they are two-thirds of the power trio that is Avery, Desi, and Emiley. (Oxford comma forevah!) Watching them talk about food and diets is always entertaining. I say ‘watching’ because I tune out once MSG manifests as a serious topic of conversation. Regardless of my ineptitude to appreciate a healthy diet, their friendship is something that has endured for nigh upon two decades. I’ve known Desi since we worked as food prep for a Jewish camp in Prescott sometime in High School. Jake is dating one cool chica.

Jake is one of those guys whose mere existence inspires you to be better, reach higher. He’s an introverted extrovert who has a sick indie rock band, Abies Procera, and is currently working on a Ph.D in Genetics at Harvard. An excellent conversationalist, he can make the behaviors, and even the whiskers, of field mice sound damn interesting. Also, he plays GTA 5 and Dragon Age so he’s pretty much a bona fide badass in my book.

Shabu-shabu and fixins'. Obligatory food pic for the victophile.
Shabu-shabu and fixins’. Obligatory food pic for the victophile.

Our first night we took the Orangeline to Downtown Crossing, hopped on the Redline to Porter Square, emerged to the surface like the aforementioned field mouse and scurried across the street to Akai Ryu. There we had a rather delicious round of sushi and two salivating bowls of scrumptious shabu-shabu. Some Sapporo and plum sake followed the food whereupon we decided to go for a short stroll through the East Coast’s remarkably upscale Walgreen’s. Afterwards we again braved the subterranean press of Boston’s underworld and went back to Desi and Jake’s place to explore the sultry sounds of Sleater Kinney and watch Bob’s Burgers. Cuz we’re classy like that.

Either myself or Emiley will be posting Day 2 sometime tomorrow. That’s all for today folks!

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