Rocky Road to Dublin


Ah, here we are in the land of my great-grandfather who came over in the early 1900’s. While I only have about a thimbleful of Irish blood I’ve always laid claim to more. Often I tell the lie that my dad is from Ireland and my mom from Scotland, much to their chagrin. Dad was actually born in Idaho and mom in California but hey, it’s a pleasant fiction and mostly harmless. Despite my embellishments, or perhaps because of them, I feel it in my bones that this place is special even though it’s been four generations since Ireland was home to a Carey of my line.

When we leave the airport the first thing I notice is the smell of the ocean; it smells close, perhaps a couple miles away. The sky is iron grey with clouds, the grass is green as promised. A short cab ride and we are left at the Metro Hotel on Ballymun Rd. where we will be resting our weary heads and bleary eyes.

Upon waking we were eager to explore the city and see what Dublin has to offer. There are a few churches that catch our eye; dour grey stone on the outside but like a geode the splendor is hidden within.

During our expedition it looked as though the city was preparing for the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day. Lots of folks bustling about setting up balloons and banners. One building was all green! It reminded me of when we visited Seattle a year ago when the Seahawks were set to enter the Superbowl. There and then, as here and now, the city seemed to come alive all at once. Everyone joined in the spirit of the thing.

Now that's the spirit!
Now that’s the spirit!

I’ll be creating a gallery page soon that has more of the Dublin pictures, I’d hate to throw too much into this post.

That’s all for now folks!

P.S. It’s late and I don’t want to wake Emiley so be patient if you see some misspellings, incorrect tenses, etc. I’ll get them fixed sooner or later!

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