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Here we have two great looking, well-educated (at least, one of us is), smarmy twenty-somethings traveling the world looking for a good time and relationship advice. Because that’s what we need more of in our life.

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My name is Sean, like so many others, Sean Connery, Sean Bean, Sean the Magnificent… I was in the Marines for a bit, got all trained up with nowhere to go. Ran a badass cigar and whiskey bar for a couple years, Magnum’s, where I learned the finer points of running a business. Then I flipped a career 180 and switched from convincing people to drink and smoke more to persuading them to give up the vices they worked so hard to foster. In other words, I worked as a BHT for a non-profit for a couple years.

After helping the homeless, the mentally ill, and those who love substances, I switched to working for GoDaddy. There I opened up to the web like a night-blooming flower greeting the moon. When my flower was abruptly plucked and thrown out, me and the wifey decided to go on an adventure. My bruised and battered flower. So tender, so sad.

Anyways, this is the chronicling of that adventure. It’s still happening, just getting started really, so my tenses may not be on point. Feel free to correct me, I’ll be sure to respond in kind. 😉

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Hi! I’m Emiley. My parents actually named me Emily, but I changed it in third grade to add the extra ‘e’, and for some reason people complied. Though I resent the term smarmy, I am the well-educated one mentioned above. I’m pretty sure my first word was “gregarious”, but I didn’t know narwhals were real until last year. So take it with a grain of salt. During college I worked at Starbucks, where coffee and I developed a beautiful, albeit co-dependent, relationship. Is it just me, or does everyone who loves coffee also eventually develop a penchant for wine? Hm. After college, I worked for a college while I went to more college, then I started working for people who went to a LOT of college, and then I decided to quit my job and travel the world with my best friend. I’m pretty sure it was a great idea. We’ll see.

I like trying other people’s food, subtitled TV, street view in Google Maps, and napping whenever possible.

I do not like mean people, snow sports, or cubicles.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. So proud of you two. Will be following you all the way. If solicited, I can give you a recommended plan for hitting the highlights of the BeneLux by train
    after you leave Rome.

    1. Mrs. Landry!

      Hey it’s great to hear from you! Emiley and I are off to see the cities of the Renaissance which I learned about in AcaDec. We’re spending some time in Rome and then will be seeing what is still left of the Medici’s influence in Florence and Milan. Stay tuned!

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